Epoxy Garage Floors

Sealing Your garage floor

The floor in your garage takes a great deal of wear and tear but if you want to keep it looking pristine then the secret to that is garage floor epoxy. Epoxy will give you a much tougher coating then regular garage floor paint. It is a little trickier to apply, fortunately we have years of experience and can give you a perfectly sealed floor every time.


Preparing Your Garage Floor

Garage floors look stunning with an epoxy finish, it is tough, durable and can withstand a lot of abuse.  A properly sealed floor will last you for decades and still look as good as the day it was installed.  Our team are experts in giving your garage floor a sleek finish and you can trust us to get the job done.

Your garage floor needs to be prepared before the epoxy can be applied and our team goes over the floor to make sure there are no cracks or any damage done to your floor.  Should there be any small holes or cracks we will patch them before the epoxy is applied.

Once that is done then our team will completely clean the floor and remove any grease stains that might be there.  We will sweep and use a wet-dry vacuum or a pressure washer to get the floor ready to be sealed.

Sealing Your Floor

Epoxy has to be applied very quickly as it can dry very fast especially during one of our South Carolina summer.  Our team of experts knows how to apply the epoxy quickly and evenly to give you a perfectly smooth finish.  

Unlike other companies that will only apply one coat to seal your garage floor we like to be more thorough.  We apply a second coat or top coat to ensure that your floor will last for years. 

The floor will take time to dry so your garage will be out of commision for a day or so while the floor dries.  You should wait a little bit longer before you start putting cars in the garage. 

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